About Me

Hello, my name is Josh and I am a Graphic Artist from Southern California. I have worked on a variety of projects including logos, print production and design, motion graphics, video filming and editing, CSS, HTML, CMS, SEO, web development, brand development, social media marketing, content marketing, marketing automation, managing product launches (design and artwork) and photoshoots. I received my Bachelor’s of Arts Degree, in Graphic Design, from the University of Concordia Irvine in 2014. I have worked as Freelance Designer since 2012, and continue to do so today in my spare time.

I worked for the Automobile club of Southern California (AAA) for two years. There I worked on print production and design, give-aways and contest brochures and flyers, web advertisements, video editing, HTML, photo retouching and web development. The most interesting project I got to work on while I was at AAA, was designing the creative for the premiere of the movie, “How to Train Your Dragon 2”. This project was particularly fun in that, the creative ranged from banners, flyers and web advertisements to video editing and commercials.

After AAA, I have worked at Getac since 2016. At Getac, I have worked on, video filming & editing, motion graphics, HTML, CSS, CMS, web development & management, eBlasts design, social media ads & campaigns, posts & banners, and print production & design (Posters, flyers, brochures). I have been an active member of the marketing team, assisting in the execution of multiple projects; including: product launches, photo shoots, webpage builds, image file amendments (including renders), video editing, trade-show signage creation, collateral and giveaways. I developed and designed the creative for a newborn corporate social media campaign, growing Facebook likes 297% in 1 Year, LinkedIn followers by 68% in 1 Year and Twitter followers by 19% in 1 Year. I regularly work with the President and executive staff to design a wide range of graphics for use in company presentations, company kickoff events and internal communications.

Let’s work together, jbags04@gmail.com